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Pump up the Volume with Landing Pages for Marketing Professional Services

Are you interested in getting an instant return on your website investment?  If the answer is "yes!" you should consider adding landing pages and content that delivers value to your website.  These website elements will help you “pump up the volume” of prospective clients.

As discussed in the earlier post," Creating a Call to Action to Continue the Conversation," an effective call to action (CTA) will continue the dialog with your site visitors. A CTA is typically placed on a website, blog, or email marketing campaign as a stylized graphic or text.  There should be other CTAs throughout website content as the visitor may find particular points of interest and may be interested in another offer. The intent is to prompt the visitor or prospective client to click the image, leading the visitor to a landing page. 

Landing Pages

A landing page is a website page that aims to capture a visitor’s contact information through a lead form in exchange for advanced content (eBook, whitepaper, webinar, free consultation, etc.). Landing pages play a critical role in inbound marketing methods.  Most company websites simply link back to their homepage in advertisements, social media posts, or email messages.  These firms are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to link targeted groups to a landing page that provides a relevant content offer that converts targeted audiences into leads.

Landing Page ExampleLanding Page Example

Effective landing pages need to

  • Concisely describe the offer,
  • Deliver a content offering of value,
  • Captures visitor data,
  • Encourage sharing, and
  • Trigger a further conversation.

The landing page needs to concisely describe the features, advantages, and benefits of a content offering.  If your content offering offers real value to your visitors, they willingly provide their contact information in exchange for your offer.  The offering must be compelling, and the landing page must showcase that value. A high-impact message that delivers valuable content should easily convert your site visitor into a prospective client.

The landing page content offering needs to be valuable to desired audiences. When visitors identify themselves by responding to your content offer, they choose to enter the business development lifecycle. That means that before they download your advanced content (whitepaper, demo, etc.), they must provide you with contact information.  Ask for the minimum necessary information; simply include the name, title, company, and email address.

The landing page needs to capture visitor data.  Adding social media links to your landing page will encourage visitors to share the content with their audiences.  This simple addition will help you tap into multiple audiences.

The landing page should encourage “sharing.” Adding social media links to your landing page will encourage visitors to share the content with their audiences.  This simple addition will help you tap into multiple audiences.

The landing page should trigger further conversation. After visitors take advantage of the offer on the landing page, it is time to work those leads and pump up your volume! You should follow up with messages that are ready to roll automatically.  The idea is to press ahead with an email message or a phone call that continues the conversation. 

Are you ready to get real value out of your website?  If you understand the importance of driving traffic to your site, it makes sense to incorporate landing pages to capture leads. With a few additions, it is easy to transform an idle website into a lead-generation tool. 

If you want to learn more about transforming your website into a lead generation tool, please read “Turn Business Development Upside Down with Inbound Marketing.”