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7 Statistics That Should Influence Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your firm uses social media marketing and is mobile-friendly, right? If not, you may need some fantastic facts and statistical reasons to rev up your presence in these popular and growing spheres. We scoured some of the latest social media articles to inform you of the latest statistics that will help guide your marketing efforts.  Whether you plan to use this information for your firm’s marketing campaigns, convince leadership to ramp up social media marketing efforts, or justify current activities, you will love these marketing stats. Allow these golden nuggets to fuel your next social media strategy brainstorming session.

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  1. Twitter is not just for teens. All major social media networks have grown their 45 to 65-year-old brackets significantly. Nearly 80 percent use Twitter now (of the older half of that demo) more than just a year ago. The younger half (45-55) doubled their numbers on Google+ and Facebook. That's a big part of your target demographic, so your firm is also present and active there.
  2. Our lives are portable. Everyone seems more mobile these days and able to do more on the move than ever with smartphones, tablets, and iPads, including socialization on Facebook. Nearly 200 million Facebook users visit via mobile. Make sure your website and social media content are accessible via smartphone. 
  3. YouTube is more popular than any cable channel for the valuable 18-34 demographic. To reach these folks, start up a YouTube channel for your firm. If you want to attract young talent to join your firm, YouTube is a great way to reach them.
  4. Is your LinkedIn company page updated? It should be since the site gains two new members per second these days.
  5. Your potential clients all have a LinkedIn profile but are inactive. In other words, they don’t visit and interact or engage often. Daily activity and social sharing are much higher on other major social media, so taking a survey or doing an interactive promotion should do better on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  6. How do most people spend time on the Internet? It's probably not what you think. Everyone spends most Web time on social media. While you may already have a social media strategy, you should crank things up.
  7. The vast majority (90 percent) of marketing professionals use social media marketing for their businesses.

Given all these incredible statistics, you should have plenty of justification to allocate more budget and time to social media marketing. You may want to try Hootsuite or another social media management tool to help you keep up with all the engagements. 

Still not sure you can convince the firm’s leadership? Let’s face it - you will not make any progress with your social media marketing efforts without bringing some cold hard facts to the table. When you are in an industry where most of the firm’s executives take a more traditional marketing approach and are not familiar with the benefits of social media marketing, you will need some backup. 

Build your case with some helpful facts, and even the most close-minded principal will not have a choice but to start looking at how to take advantage of the networks that make the most sense for their firm. 

Did you learn anything new about social media marketing?  Which of these statistics will help you the most?  Share your thoughts with us below!

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