The Power of Curated Content in Content Marketing

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Jun 26, 2014 @ 03:00 PM

curated content

Coming up with new content to post is the number one challenge for content marketers today. However, have you heard the expressions "mind the store" and "use what you’ve got?" Developing fresh content in your traditional and online content marketing strategy is important, but so is freshening up valuable, existing, evergreen content.

Benefits of Curated Content

The same way an art museum curator arranges pieces into meaningful exhibits, content curators collect content and deliver it to their audience in a fresh, new way. The benefits of including this type of content in your content marketing efforts include:

  • Providing your audience with content focused specifically on your niche.
  • Removing the strain of supplying a steady stream of fresh, original content.
  • Supplying key messages at the right time to a more engaged audience.
  • Setting yourself apart as an authority in your industry.
  • Diversifying your blog and make it a point of interest.
  • Driving more traffic to your blog and website.

How to Make Curated Content Work for You

  • Share curated content on social media - Instead of attempting to claim someone else’s content as your own, share a link to an industry-relevant topic on your Facebook or Twitter feed and give credit to the original author or company. This puts you in a good light, since it’s clearly your priority to inform your clients of important topics, instead of always talking about yourself. It also sets you up for a mutually beneficial relationship with industry-related companies that aren’t actually competitors (i.e. a battery company informally partnering up with companies that sell battery-powered products).
  • Reinvent content for your own blog - Whatever your niche market, there’s bound to be more content on the web than you could have ever thought up yourself. Use this existing content as inspiration for your own blog. Be sure to add meaningful opinions and editorial comments that set it apart and add value for your clients.
  • Be on the lookout for popular presentations or webinars. Go to Slideshare or TED and search for the most thought-provoking industry speakers.  Remember, it is all about keyword searches to find messages that are on point.  Once you’ve identified a series of presentation resources, embed them in a blog post. Your audiences will love it!
  • Demonstrate through examples, i.e. case studies. Do you learn by example?  Many people do. Providing case studies is the social proof your audiences want.  If your objective is to make a point or present an idea, providing examples or case studies will reinforce your message.
  • Inspire audiences with quotations. At your desk, you have an arsenal of quotes that provoked personal action and growth. Perhaps, your audiences will find these quotes just as motivating.  Pull together some inspirational quotes that you think your audiences will appreciate. 
  • Keep audiences engaged with visual content. Let’s face it. Visual content is a lot more appealing than reading a bunch of text.  Create a new industry infographic or a series of great charts, graphics, or data to give your audiences food for thought. 
  • Let them know what is on your reading list. In monthly magazines, you can find out what's on this year's summer reading list. Why not share what is on your personal reading list. It is another way to engage audiences by offering up your recommedations for content that will be worth their while.
  • Turn them on to industry resources. Are you an architect?  Are you a builder? Or interior designer? Do you provide professional services?  Take screen shots of your favorite projects and explain what makes these projects notable.  Bring all this information together in one single post.  

Do you have other creative ideas for curating content? Share them with us!  

For more information about using curated content in your content marketing strategy, please contact Colosi Marketing today.

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