How Can Keywords Help Your SEO?

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 @ 02:30 PM


Search engine optimization (SEO) still remains to be an effective technique for online marketers who want to ensure their websites appear higher in the lists of search engine results. Once you know the keywords that are most effective for your purposes, you can incorporate them into your site pages and blog posts to dramatically improve your search results using these methods of how keywords can help SEO.

  • Limit keywords to one or two in each site page or blog post: Blog posts should each be focused on a specific subject, so restrict keywords to one or two relevant words for each blog post. Keywords should be directly related to the content of the site page or post. In the case of your business blog, you may even want to craft a post around frequently searched keywords.
  • Include keywords in site page and blog titles: Each site page and blog post you create should have a title that informs readers and entices them to read the whole site page or blog post. Include the keywords in the title, and remember that the title has to have meaning to spark reader interest.
  • Sprinkle keywords throughout the site page or post: Use the keyword or phrase a few times throughout the site page or blog post without going overboard. Keyword stuffing will work against you. It's usually best to mention the keyword early (within the first paragraph), somewhere in the body, and in the last paragraph.
  • Incorporate keywords into links: When possible, include the keywords in the text of links. Alternatively, make sure keywords are mentioned near links in the text of your site page or blog post.
  • Put keywords in Alt-tags for images: Alt-tags are used to provide a text description of a photo or image in your post. If a reader can't see the images (due to an older browser, for example), the Alt-tags will display the descriptive text. Use your keywords in the Alt-tags to boost SEO and give your readers information.

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