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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Inbound Marketing

Over time, some elements of an inbound marketing program must be reviewed and revised to keep the system healthy. Look closely, and take a close look at the following areas to keep your inbound marketing strategy fresh and on track.

freshen up inbound marketing program

Inactive Leads

Your lead database will contain many prospects after several months or years. However, it will also have many inactive leads that might still be good prospects. Look for ways to rekindle their interest and reengage with them in a meaningful way:

  • Check interests: Look at your website records to see what these leads have downloaded or looked at. Topics they're still reading about are likely areas of high interest where you can reposition your products and services.
  • Check most recent activity: Figure out when these leads were last on your site or blog, when they downloaded information, or when they last contacted you. Leads without activity for 12 months will probably require a focused and specific effort to reengage.
  • Check the lifecycle: If business development professionals contacted inactive leads in the past, they might be overdue for a renewed acquaintance with your company.
Poor Keyword and SEO Performance

Search engines are regularly changing the optimization game. As such, digital marketers must be vigilant and tune their SEO strategy accordingly. Take steps to conduct a thorough site page evaluation. Review your site pages and evaluate whether these pages effectively represent your firm and the products and services it provides. Review your analytics and current rankings and assess the performance of your keywords. High-performance keywords may indicate areas where you can gain rank. In contrast, underperforming keywords may suggest that you research new keywords that will attract people to your site. It is important to regularly evaluate the performance of your strategy to make the adjustments that will result in a greater return on your SEO investment.

Unfocused Blogs

Leads come to your blogs and websites for specific information about your industry and the problems you can address and solve. Keep online content focused on these relevant topics. Some divergence will naturally happen as you continue to produce content. Still, you're more likely to get the attention of prospects by sticking to your primary area of service or expertise.

Low Conversions

A good inbound marketing program evaluates successful lead conversion methods and plans for new conversion methods. Evaluate whether you are providing content that addresses your client personas. Identify the calls-to-actions [CTAs] that are performing well and which ones are not. Look at the landing pages that effectively persuade visitors to complete a form to receive a content offer. Verify whether you are concisely and consistently articulating the value of your offering. Successful lead conversion takes time; engaging with your business development team is essential to hone in on the means and methods to get the numbers you seek.

Low Email Marketing Engagement

Always look at how you can engage subscribers receiving daily email communications. Track your click-through rates. Once they click through, follow up with an email to get their feedback. Increase click-through rates by deleting inactive subscribers or follow-up with them with a “We've Missed You” email to earn their renewed attention. Email is a part of our daily lives; figuring out how to make it work for your inbound marketing program is essential.

Expired Marketing Messages

Effective marketing requires the constant generation of new, fresh content. Old or repetitive email and marketing messages won't attract interest and may even turn off prospects if they perceive the messages are stale or recycled. Keep your marketing messages up-to-date and exciting to appeal to the most significant number of prospects. Evaluate the most successful messages and discard what has yet to work.

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