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LinkedIn Marketing Tips For Professional Services Leads

Did you know that LinkedIn is a channel for generating leads?  This post offers marketing tips for LinkedIn professional services leads. We provide the information on "how" - getting creative and nurturing new and exciting leads is up to you!

Two main LinkedIn methods exist for connecting with prospective clients and partners.  The first method is directly providing prospects with information about your business in a LinkedIn message.  The second method is to start a conversation on LinkedIn and attract prospects by linking an awe-inspiring landing page on your website or blog. 

The direct method is great if you reach out to your prospect with a thoughtful message that addresses their concerns. If you take a direct approach, take the time to get to know your prospect first.  Understand their needs and respond with courteous, helpful advice that offers unique insight.  If the prospect responds positively to your insight, it may be time to take the next step and make a direct connection. 

A direct connection can happen with the LinkedIn mobile app.  LinkedIn has a free mobile app for smartphones. If you are at a networking event or tradeshow and make a prospect connection, you can ask them to open their LinkedIn mobile app on their smartphone. Tap the phones together, and your phones will exchange contact information.  

LinkedIn Mobile Applications

The indirect method aims to attract prospects with a conversation and may include a link to a landing page where they can download a white paper, sign up for a newsletter, or learn more about your services.  The indirect approach's key is offering your audience free advice or useful information.  Similar to the direct method, it is essential to know your audience. The indirect method allows audiences to learn more about you before the connection.

There are several indirect methods to attract prospects

LinkedIn Answers: LinkedIn Answers is a place where users can ask questions about business to get advice. This is a prime opportunity for you to strike up a conversation by sharing your insight and offering free advice.

LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Applications: LinkedIn application is a place where you can go to add apps to enhance your LinkedIn page.  There are many different apps that will add interesting and relevant content for your desired audience.

LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn Groups: You should join several groups in the A/E/C industry and outside the industry to nurture business. Work outside your existing circles to grow your network and nurture new leads and opportunities.  If you are an architect, you don’t want to speak with other architects – you want to talk with business leaders, entrepreneurs, market sector leaders, and other groups outside of your immediate circle.  

LinkedIn People: LinkedIn People is a great tool for business development professionals searching for a prospective client or partner connected with a potential project.  Search in the upper-right-hand box for your prospective client/partner company, and you will get a list of people associated with your target company. 

LinkedIn People Search

Assuming you do not have a direct connection, click on the second connections link.  You will find a list of share connections.  Ask one of your connections to introduce you via the LinkedIn prospective client profile under “Get introduced through a connection.”

LinkedIn Introduction

Now that you know how to start generating leads for business via LinkedIn, you may want to give yourself a LinkedIn profile makeover.  If you are looking for some easy profile tips, check out the blog post, LinkedIn Tips for Business: An A/E/C Profile Makeover.