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Benefits Of Professional Services Marketing Workflow Refinement

Mapping a process will provide vital insight.  As a consultant who applies new and exciting technologies to energize marketing activities, I like to work with client teams to develop process maps.  The way a team works, and its unique processes, drive each new technology initiative.  Without this understanding or discovering the process, it will negatively impact the rollout. 

A business development lifecycle map is a great tool for management and assists with making progressive strides in handling pursuits and supporting overall firm goals.  By defining these processes, marketing teams can improve efficiencies, effectiveness, and internal client service. For your reference, please see a sample A/E/C business development lifecycle map.

Business Development Lifecycle Diagram 

The benefits of mapping the business development lifecycle include the following:

  1. A professional services workflow analysis creates a shared understanding of marketing activities at each stage.

  2. When a marketing team works together to define the business development process, they are rewarded with a visual diagram.  Working through the process tends to help a team work through any potential trouble spots or challenges.  Going through the effort tends to result in collaborative ideas and positive change.

  3. Professional services workflow mapping allows you to visually illustrate and communicate the essential activities of each stage in a way that written procedures cannot.

  4. A business development process map can save you time and simplify your pursuits because it can:

    • Streamline and accelerate the pursuit at each stage of the lifecycle.

    • Assist in solving operational issues and aid in decision-making

    • Break down processes into simple steps using symbols that are easy to follow and understand.

    • Draw connections and sequences, allowing for eased identification of process elements.

    • Provide a complete view of the entire business development process from lead inception to close.