Wicked Inbound Marketing Funnel For Professional Services

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Tue, Aug 07, 2012 @ 07:32 PM

Traditional marketing and business development methods for professional services are NOT working. You no longer need large marketing and business development budgets to make a difference.

Today, marketing is about CREATIVITY.

Inbound marketing is changing the way we procure work.  This method will turn business development upside down by bringing prospective clients to your proverbial doorstep.  Check out our Wicked Inbound Marketing Funnel for Professional Services Infographic to learn how your content marketing efforts will turn website visitors into viable warm leads:

  1. CONTEXT: Attract visitors with keyword strategies that will generate traffic from targeted audiences.

  2. CONVERSATION:  Now that your desired audience has arrived at your website, it is time for them get a taste of what your about.  Captivate audiences with search engine optimized videos, blog posts, or stories that make a human connection and persuade visitors to want to learn more with a white paper, case study, “how to” checklist.

  3. CONNECTION: If a visitor wants your content, they will make a connection.  If they are interested in learning more and respond to your call-to-action, they are hooked. 

  4. COMMUNITY: Once your visitors are hooked they become viable prospective clients who are genuinely interested in learning more about you.  They are part of your community and it is up to you to keep their interest with valuable content that get’s them once step closer to becoming a repeat client.

It is time to Shift the Professional Services Paradigm with a Wicked Inbound Marketing Team. Who wants to do those traditional marketing methods anymore…like qualification statements, information packages, trifold brochures, etc.?

It is time to hire wicked “talent “ with the following qualities:

  • Marketing professionals who can speak digital language.

  • Marketing professionals who are able to make sense of data.

  • Marketing professionals who understand the concept of “reach” as it pertains to social media communication channels.

  • Professionals who masterfully craft compelling content.

Once you incorporate the inbound marketing funnel in your business practices, you are poised to completely squash your competition.

Inbound marketing requires measuring the effectiveness of all marketing activities. For CONTEXT and CONVERSATION activities, metrics include number of visitors and web traffic rank, number of Twitter followers, number of pages on your site, number of domains linking to your site, blog post statics, etc. CONNECTION metrics entail turning your visitors into prospective clients, conversion percentages, etc.  All of these elements will grow your COMMUNITY.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy with a Wicked Inbound Marketing Funnel.

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If you are interested in brainstorming your content marketing process with business development and marketing “talent”, feel free use our “Wicked Inbound Marketing Funnel” as a guide.

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