5 Inbound Marketing Methods To Keep Audiences Interested

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Aug 01, 2013 @ 08:38 AM

In prior posts, you've learned how inbound marketing practices can be extremely effective when it comes to catching the eye of a desired visitor. Now it is important to apply these methods to keep visitors, leads, or existing clients interested in learning more.  To keep their attention, you must delight readers with fresh relevant content. 

Keep Interest with Inbound Marketing for Professional Services

In this post, we discuss the fourth stage of inbound marketing,"Delight."  Inbound marketing methods in the "Delight" stage will help you keep things interesting and continue engagement.

Delight Audiences with Inbound Marketing Methods

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Here are some quick, actionable ideas and tricks to further engage and delight your audiences:

  1. Email and Marketing Automation Sparks Engagement: If audiences like what you’ve published so far, it is up to you to make sure they frequently visit your website and blog.  Give your lead nurturing efforts time to simmer, and build interest through email and marketing automation.  Provide content that will assist your audiences with achieving their own goals as well as provide information on services of potential interest.  Make it a practice to offer content that will win the hearts and minds of your audience.
  2. Learn More About Audiences Through Engagement: Providing content that specifically addresses the needs of your client demonstrates that you are genuinely interested in them.  If you get audiences to read your content and comment – and you reply to these comments in a timely fashion – your audiences will feel more connected with you and a greater bond will develop.  Take this time to learn more about your readers and respond by enhancing content to more precisely address their concerns.
  3. Get More Action By Assessing What Works: Creating and testing a range of custom, visually appealing Calls-To-Action (CTA), will help you increase visitor-to-lead conversions by understanding what CTAs seems to be working and abandoning the CTAs that are not.  Smart Calls-To-Action will present different visitors with offers that change based upon client profile and lifecycle phase.  Assessment of various CTAs will ultimately result in increased action.
  4. Host An Online Event: Hosting an online event that includes leads, clients, and vendors will further engagement.  Craft a series of throught-provoking email messages and automate communications with registrants leading up to the event. Once the event takes place, send a series of follow-up communications that let attendees know how they can access the event content online as well as provide content that continues to nurture after the event.   Events are a great way to keep things interesting.  The idea is to put on an event that is enriching, exciting and fun!
  5. Be More Attentive To Audiences Through Social Media: Incorporating a range of social media channels within your inbound marketing repetoire allows you the opportunity to be more attentive and offer great client service in real-time.  Do not ignore the opportunity to address audiences in these forums.  According to Desk.com, a customer service app, owned by Salesforce, compiled some social media statistics in an infographic, which shows a majority of client service complaints or concerns occur on social media. Take advantage of these channels to learn more about client needs and provide a greater level of service.

Incorporating these inbound marketing techniques will help you keep your audiences interested and engaged.  This exchange will allow you to learn more about your captive audience and respond with content they are going to love. Looking for pathways to grow the bond with your visitors, leads, and existing clients will make your business thrive.

The “Delight” is the fourth phase of the inbound marketing workflow.  To get a bird’s eye view of the marketing workflow, please refer to the Inbound Marketing Workflow for Professional Services Firms.  If you missed the third phase, “Close”, please refer to 3 Inbound Marketing Methods to Convince Leads to Commit.

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