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7 Tips for Marketing Professional Services With Twitter

Twitter marketingIf you’ve been avoiding marketing with Twitter, why not make today the day to start? Twitter is an important social network to help bring in new leads for your firm. It's uniquely suited for catching followers on the fly and getting a message through, even on their busiest day. Now's the perfect time to begin because you can follow these handy tips and quickly build up steam on Twitter:

  1. Tweet imagery:  Photos get immediate attention and require little time commitment from your viewers. Also, Twitter has timelines now.
  2. Tweet timely: Tweriod can help you find the best time to tweet when most of your followers are active on the network. It's free for up to 1000 followers. If you advertise on Twitter, use their tweet analysis tool or try Hootsuite's auto-scheduling.
  3. Tweet quality: Keep inscrutable personal conversations and boring daily-life trivia to a minimum. And don’t hard sell on Twitter. Invigorate, don’t alienate! Build loyalty by sending or retweeting fresh and valuable communications to your Twitter followers. Good, problem-solving, newsy, and entertaining tweets help you to become a sought-after resource.  
  4. Tweet advice: Asking for opinions helps to get followers more involved with your brand and shows you value their thoughts. 
  5. Tweet back politely: Send a quick appreciation tweet to people who tweet you. It’s polite, can build a relationship, and can even gain you an evangelist.
  6. Tweet shortly: Succinctness is always appreciated, and it leaves characters free for others to easily retweet you. As for links, Twitter will automatically shorten URLs with their shortener. Use Bitly on your own instead for convenience and good click-through tracking. Add a “+” to the shortened Bitly URL of the competition, and see their stats, which brings us to…
  7. Out-Tweet the competition: Look at stats for or unobtrusively follow your most significant competitors on Twitter--and see what’s working for them. You can alter some of their bright ideas to fit your style and company--or notice what they’re not doing and fill in the gaps.

For more information on marketing with Twitter, contact Colosi Marketing.

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