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Secrets to Retaining Clients for Your Professional Services Firm

The lifetime value of a client for a professional services firm can be considerable. It's also an essential business truth that keeping an existing client is less costly than finding a new one. To achieve the most significant long-term value from your clients, it's never an effective client retention essay to build up sufficient customer loyalty to ensure the client will stay with you for as long as possible.

secrets to retaining clients

Here are fundamental secrets to client retention that will help make your clients lifetime supporters:

  1. Provide superior customer service: Exceptional customer service is the foundation for effective client retention. Give clients the full benefit of your professional attention and expertise, but don't hesitate to provide the extra effort that will distinguish you from your competition. Even small things that clients appreciate can have a significant cumulative effect on client retention. Respond promptly to questions or complaints. If your cell phone drops the signal, call your client back immediately. Contact clients promptly when problems or concerns arise.

  2. Develop a personal relationship with your clients: Professional services occur with a one-to-one exchange instead of the interaction in retail. This allows you to build customer loyalty by making your client relationship more personal. Know and use your clients' names. Find out about their families, hobbies, and concerns, and ask about them genuinely. Send thank you notes, unique occasion cards, and keeping-in-touch emails. Make a point to be thoughtful and go above and beyond your client's expectations. When you do, they will keep coming back.

  3. Offer loyalty programs and rewards: Establish a loyalty program or a system of rewards. The key to developing the right program for your firm is to devise a way for clients to use it regularly. The tips could be as simple as discounts, coupons to area businesses, prizes, or other incentives.

  4. Ask clients for suggestions and feedback: Ask them for sincere feedback on your services. Ask them what you're doing right, what you may be doing wrong, and what you could do better. Also, find out what additional services or products your clients might want.

  5. Build client relationships beyond the single point-of-contact: To be effective with any client, you must develop relationships beyond the designated point of contact.  Encourage open lines of communication and keep the team apprised of work activities on time. Regular Internet meetings, in-person meetings, phone calls, email correspondence, and collaborative files are a few ways to encourage engagement.  When working with client representatives, you become an integral part of the team when working out that works together succeeds.

Lasting client relationships take time and are developed through consistent client engagement; regular touch points establish an emotional connection between your firm and the client. While efficiency is a priority, being able to create an emotional attachment to your firm is a very relevant part of the equation.

Did we need to include any fundamental client retention techniques? Please share your plans with us in the comments section.

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