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3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence and Following

Getting the best results out of social media marketing requires some concentrated effort and attention to effective practices. Here are three ways you can improve your social media presence and increase your number of followers.

social_media-2Time Social Media Activity Correctly

The timing of social media activity can affect how many people see your update, tweet or post. Schedule social media activity to occur at times when your audience is more likely to have a free moment to spare.

This can include:

  • Right before the top of the hour, when someone may be leaving a meeting or when there's a short lull before the next appointment or activity.
  • Late afternoon and early evening hours, when the day's activities are winding down and people are on the way home.
  • Nights and weekends, when your audience is away from work.

Use Images Effectively

Social media thrives on visual content, but it needs the right kind of visual content. Photographs tend to be significantly more effective than video, text or links by themselves. However, the photographs have to be meaningful and must be both self-explanatory and appropriate to the context.

Charts, graphs, infographics and other easily viewed and interpreted images are most effective. A simple picture or stock photo will likely pull fewer "likes" and comments.

Provide Clear Calls to Action

Give your social media audience clear, specific instructions on what to do next: click a link, enter an email address, or perform some other sort of action. Include engaging questions at the end of blog posts and Facebook updates. A question at the end of an interest post is more likely to generate comments from your readers. Direct readers to follow your Twitter and Facebook accounts and retweet or share interesting or valuable content. Hold contests or giveaways that serve as an incentive for people to follow your social media pages. Use compelling keywords such as "winner" or "giveaway" to attract attention and participation.

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