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7 Social Media Blunders Your Company Needs to Avoid

social_media_3media is a proven powerful tool for business. If misused, however, social media can work against you just as powerfully. Here are seven social media mistakes to avoid.
  1. Stale content: Your social media followers connect with you to get helpful information, read industry news, and gain insight into their problems. If the content on your social media pages is stale and not up to date, they may conclude there's no value in following you.
  2. Incomplete profiles: A complete profile on your social media account makes you look lazy and unprofessional and deprives readers of helpful information about your company. Use your profiles to communicate your company's personality and dedication.
  3. Controversial content: Filling social media pages with controversial content, inappropriate images, or inflammatory comments will likely drive readers and followers away. Stay neutral and professional, keeping your focus on your business and clients. Avoid politics, religion, sex, personal topics, or other subjects best left to non-business accounts or interactions.
  4. Excessive contact: Let your readers and social media followers hear from you regularly, but don't overdo it. Too many messages, emails, updates, and other contacts will feel like spam to your readers. A reputation as a spammer will harm you and damage your credibility.
  5. Insincerity: Immediately adding any contact or potentially lead to your friend list will get you lots of online friends fast, but it can seem insincere and even desperate. Welcome readers and visitors, but restrict your friends list to industry contacts, thought leaders, prominent clients, and others who can form part of a mutually beneficial network.
  6. Inconsistency: If you maintain a consistent personality and brand identity across all your social media accounts, your leads and customers will be clear about who you are, what you offer, and what you stand for. Consider social media a part of a more extensive marketing campaign and keep it aligned with your overall brand identity.
  7. Inflexibility: Different social media platforms require different approaches. Applying the same processes to each venue frustrates you and your readers. Understand the best techniques on each social media site and use them appropriately.

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