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3 Ways You May Be Minimizing Your Company's Social Media Reach

A successful social media campaign reaches as deeply as possible into the potential pool of leads and clients who may be interested in your products and services. There is another critical group. However, that should also be considered when crafting your social media activities: the thought leaders, influencers, and other prominent players who could be instrumental collaborators in getting the word out about your company and its offerings.

Here are three ways to minimize your company's social media reach to these potentially valuable team members.

  1. You're avoiding personal contact: If you're trying to contact social media leaders in your industry who could help you promote your social media campaign, a collective email sent to all recipients will have the same effect as a form letter. It won't impress or engage and will likely annoy those who receive it.

    onlineOnline take the time to find out about potential partners and collaborators, and approach each with a personalized email message showing you care enough to learn about them and how you can benefit each other. Go offline to make contact through a phone call or personal letter.
  2. You aren't making a good impression: Your requests for assistance must be solid, unique, and valuable enough to stand out in a steady stream of requests your potential partners receive daily. Do everything possible to make your message stand out. Creating a personalized approach will make your contacts feel exceptional and pleased that you have learned about them to support your case.
  3. You aren't providing a return for their efforts: Remember that your potential colleagues in social media are also in business. Be prepared to compensate them for their time and effort, whether monetarily or through other valuable considerations, such as services provided by your company or mutual promotion.

Contact Colosi Marketing today for more information on how to extend the reach of your social media campaigns to the influencers and thought leaders who can help spread the word about your company, products, and services.

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