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Turn Business Development Upside Down With Inbound Marketing


Pursuing viable project leads can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The economic recession continues to impact the A/E/C industry greatly.  Tracking and targeting viable leads takes a lot of work.  Efforts go through a series of starts and stop. Rather than spending long hours attempting to stay in front of pursuits that may go on hold, think about transforming your website into a lead nurturing tool that enables you to stay in front of your leads while improving your time and money investment on pursuits.


Inbound professional services marketing aims to win project stakeholders' attention, make your services easily found, and draw new leads to your website by offering content clients value.  Blogs, videos, eBooks, whitepapers, SEO, and social media are channels for content marketing and are considered part of the inbound professional services marketing method. 

It is time to turn your business development upside down.  Launch a lead nurturing campaign that delivers relevant, valuable, website-based content to assist project lead stakeholders directly.  A campaign that addresses their specific needs with great content will earn their attention and guide them through your qualifications.  Converting your website to a content management system, Hubspot will allow you to create, review, test, and launch your campaign in minutes.  
It is time for a game-changer!  Download Dynamic Website Content for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors to conceptualize how your existing website can be transformed into a lead nurturing tool. Read the article Open New Doors with Target Lead Generation to learn more about content marketing.

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