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Professional Services Content Marketing: Let Video Tell Your Story

Are you ready to be in film?

No matter how you answer this question, you cannot deny that the silver screen is a channel for storytelling and engaging audiences.  The film is a powerful medium for making a human connection.  What are you waiting for?  This post offers four reasons to incorporate video into your professional services content marketing strategy and quit being shy! 

1. Video Enhances Your Brand by Capturing the Exceptional Character of Your Company Talent

Branding is not just a logo or an illustration.  Your brand identity communicates your firm’s unique character and evokes a feeling. Many firms use a good design and written work to tell their story, capture the viewer’s attention, and make an emotional connection.  While these efforts are relevant and important, there is no better way to personify your firm’s distinct character than capturing your professional talent on the job and in film.  

The following “My Story” film exemplifies how general contractors Rudolph and Sletten enhanced their brand by capturing their professionals on the job.  The video tells the story of real people using innovative technology to build great buildings.  Check it out!


2. Capturing Your Professional Talent on Film Can Help Differentiate Your Services

Your service differentiation is demonstrated through your employees.  When you are invited to a project interview, it is clear you were invited because you cut.  You have the right qualifications…now the prospective client wants to determine whether they’d like to work with the proposed team for some time.  Your team's character and relevant qualifications determine prospective client decision-making.  Capturing your team’s personality and demonstrating their skills on film will show desired audiences how your team stands out from the rest before the interview.

3. Dynamic Video Content Enhances Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Video is a content marketing medium. Therefore it is important to embed your video in a blog post and provide links to the blog post throughout your campaigns to amplify your video exposure. Another idea is to incorporate video in your website to engage audiences with relevant content that demonstrates your services “in action.” It encourages audiences to learn more about your methods. To incorporate video in your website, please refer to “Turn Business Development Upside Down with Inbound Marketing” to conceptualize how to build interest in an inbound marketing context.

4. A Powerful Project Story Will Engage Your Target Audiences.

Every project has many stories to tell.  A short project story video that is compelling but easy to follow is best. Think about all the rich content opportunities available within one project.  From team collaboration to demonstrating project services, there is a tremendous opportunity to show your audience how great talent can work together to design and build great structures. To begin crafting a plan for your project stories, refer to 5 Steps to Create A Content Marketing Strategy, Step 3: Review Your Content for Project Storytelling.           

To begin conceptualizing your digital marketing strategy, sign up to capture my story on film.

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