Framework for Professional Services SEO: A Keyword Placement Guide

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 12:33 PM

You decided to Make Every Keyword a Winner in an effort to embark on an inbound marketing strategy for your professional services firm. Now that you have a log of the ideal keywords, where do these keyword phrases go?

Keywords terms should be placed throughout your web page content.  Below is a framework for SEO, a guide for keyword placement.  Once you identify all the areas for placement, it is best to map keyword phrases to ensure they are in alignment with the firm's marketing and business development strategies.

 Keyword Placement

Download the Framework for Professional Services: A Keyword Placement Guide

Keyword phrases are placed in meta tags.  You will see meta tags by looking at each page's source code through a browser.  Take a peek at your existing meta tags and add in important keyword terms.  If you do not have the ability to add in important keywords, ask your technical support person responsible for your website.

Each webpage offers an opportunity to be found and create a strategic position for your firm’s professional services.  Look over your site’s content and evaluate how you can effectively establish your strategic advantage with search optimization.  Turn Business Development Upside Down with Inbound Marketing offers a diagram that will help prepare your website for a wicked inbound marketing funnel and, also, build a search engine marketing strategy that will help you attract prospective clients to your website.

Basic areas to consider when developing a search engine marketing strategy include: 

  • Service: A website is a place to position your professional services offering. A service satisfies a prospective client’s needs.  Your site is a place to offer dynamic content that captures your prospective client’s attention with messages that say your services will exceed their expectations. Incorporate the keyword phrases that support your services content and ensures this great content will be found.

  • Pricing: A website is a place to position as a high-end or economic services option. Content needs to help prospective clients evaluate whether the price compliments the service, distribution and promotional messages. Incorporate keyword phrases that supports your pricing strategy and attracts the ideal visitors. 

  • Place/Distribution:  A website is a place to position as an international or local services provider. Place refers to providing the service in a location/s that compliment/s the service, pricing and promotional messages.  Incorporate keyword phrases to best describe where audiences can access your services.  

  • Promotion: A website is a place to position a firm’s unique digital message (content) and brand. The webpages offer opportunities to provide content about the firm’s services, experience, philosophy and any other areas of potential interest to their visitors. Incorporate keyword phrases to distinguish your firm's special character. Professional services providers tend to focus on building relationships.  Presenting your firm's character will allow your prospective clients to get to know your firm prior to the first meeting.

Placing keywords in a framework that effectively positions your firm to be found by prospective clients who are unfamiliar with your brand is a profound proposition.  Taking the time to figure out how to get the most out of your website will greatly pay off in the future.

To learn more about how to use your website as a tool for business development, download our free Guide to Marketing from the Cloud.

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