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10 Key Ingredients to Turn Inbound Marketing into Lead Generation

Lead generation for professional services firms is best accomplished through the synergy of various well-thought-out, ongoing marketing efforts. The goal is to get in front of your target audiences (clients and prospects) wherever they are and keep in touch. This way, you catch the prospect when they need your services—when they’re ready to decide to "seal the deal." At this point, quality clients and pre-qualified leads will jump right into your inbound marketing funnel.

To be in the right place at the right time:

lead generation

  1. SEO your site.  Fill your website with quality, keyword-rich content that's easy to navigate without excessive clicking and optimize for mobile.
  2. Customize landing pages. They’re instant gratification, where clients can find what they were searching for and are interested in. Collect only crucial contact info—no long forms.
  3. Top SERPs organically. Organic results are the most trusted--and only seen if on page one. The other tactics here will help to surface your firm.
  4. Demonstrate expertise. Generate expert content that keeps clients up on the latest trends, helps them compare services/products, and validates their decision to sign up for your services. Do this via attention-grabbing bylines, relevant case studies, and more.
  5. Seek relevant PR. You want firm coverage/profiles in trade publications, with quotes in the pertinent articles your clients usually read.
  6. Court influential industry analysts. Get acquainted with influential industry analysts who advise your clients or their company’s decision-makers. Such recommendations provide targeted lead generation for professional services firms like yours.
  7. Blog. Daily blogging helps search ranking, increases inbound links, humanizes your firm, and demonstrates expertise. Hire someone to keep up if necessary.
  8. Repurpose expert content to get the most mileage. Parcel out in blog posts, videos, tweets, or gather into an eBook, building your reputation as a valuable go-to resource.
  9. Activate and synergize your social media presence daily to boost traffic. Post, share and link back your expert/fun content for your audiences.
  10. Instructive/entertaining video clips are powerful. There are more avenues to deploy them these days: Instagram (15-second clips), Vine (6-seconds), Pinterest, and of course YouTube. Upload and share videos, including keyword-rich tags, descriptions, and website links.

Viola! These inbound marketing tactics work together to place you directly in the path of pre-qualified leads.

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