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Maximize Lead Generation on Facebook With These Tips

lead generation on facebookAccording to Hubspot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, 52 percent of all U.S. marketers identified Facebook as a lead source in 2013. If your firm falls in the 48 percent that has yet to explore lead generation on Facebook, it’s time for that to change. Even if you’re among the 52 percent who generated leads from Facebook in 2013, you can always get more. 

Maximize lead generation on Facebook with these tips.

  • Put calls-to-action in your cover photo: In 2013, Facebook graciously changed a rule prohibiting companies from using calls-to-action in cover photos. That means now is your chance to advertise that new e-book loud and clear in your company’s cover photo.
  • Post photos with links: Facebook photos receive 53 percent more "likes" than regular status updates. For this reason, your exposure on Facebook relies heavily on using visuals. Make the image a lead generation opportunity by including a link in the caption that leads back to your website.
  • Host Facebook chats: A Facebook chat is a gathering of Facebook users who discuss a topic of your choice. The conversation takes place directly within a post on your company page. This becomes a lead generation opportunity when you share links to your blog, e-book, or website to answer questions that crop up during the chat. In this way, Facebook chats give your fans access to excellent resources and convert many of them into leads.
  • Offer value with Facebook tabs: Your main company page branches off into different tab. Design one tab to collect a name and email address in exchange for an entry in a drawing, e-book download, product coupon, or other free content. You generate a lead, and the Facebook fan gets something of value, all without navigating away from Facebook.
  • Create Facebook events for webinars: In anticipation of your next webinar, create an event page on Facebook to let your fans know about it. An event page is more visible than just a status update announcing it, and those attending can easily invite their friends, further expanding the lead generation possibilities.

For more useful tips regarding lead generation on Facebook, contact Colosi Marketing today.

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