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Steps to Understanding Your Clients and Marketing to Their Needs

You likely have demographic information that tells you much about clients' ages, family status, income levels, geographic areas, and other statistical information. This type of data is undoubtedly useful, but it's also limited. Understanding your clients takes more than reading simple data off a computer screen or report sheet. You need to get inside their head.

understanding your clients

Here are some helpful steps to better understand your clients, allowing you to provide meaningful experiences, exceptional services, and top-quality products to attract and keep clients.

  • Know who your clients are, what they want, and what they need: To effectively market products and services to a client, you must know what they want, require, and expect. It also helps to understand what the client doesn't need and what might cause an adverse reaction. If your services are intended for working architects or engineers, for example, you have to know about the needs and concerns of the professionals in this situation.

    Talk to your clients to find out what would make their lives easier, what causes them anxiety, and what helps them meet their obligations to work and family. When you have a high level of insight into how your clients think, work, and live, you'll be better able to provide the services they need most.
  • Look at your services through their lens:  Put yourself in your client’s position. Get to know the range of options before them. There is a whole ecosystem of vendors, partners, and consultants.  You are in this space.  Understanding where you fit and the competition will allow you to predict the next steps better.
  • Engage in social media listening: For a client you can't talk to in person, use social media to ask questions and gather information. Find the online message boards and sites that attract your client and people like them, then read them to get an idea of what your clientele talks about.
  • Provide client persona specific surveys: Use targeted online survey tools to send customized surveys to your client personas to gain greater insight into their needs and concerns. You could also include printed surveys sent via direct mail. Increase the likelihood of response by offering a reward, such as a discount, in exchange for a completed survey.
  • Look into the crystal ball: Always look for what clients will want in the future.  Visualize a different future for your service offering. Plan different scenarios and then determine how they would withstand shifts in the market. Peering into your client’s future will keep you ahead of the game.

Never make any assumptions about what you think your client wants. You can also fall into the trap of listening to the client's concerns that fit your offerings. You must gain a complete understanding to maintain sight of new opportunities and, worse, get blindsided by the competition. Listen to what your clients say, and you will find the answers you need.

How do you learn more about your clients? Did we miss anything? Please share your techniques with us in our comments section below.  We’d love to hear from you!

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