4 Email Marketing Secrets to Increase Click-Through Rates

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Aug 21, 2014 @ 02:15 PM

With the slew of email that you know your clients receive daily, it can be daunting to create something that’s both eye-catching and effective. For best results with your email marketing messages, concentrate on the basics. You need to get attention in a crowded inbox, make a connection in your message and direct the recipient’s next move with your CTA:

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Here are four tips to help focus your thoughts into a clear, concise and effective email:

  • Target your message: It may go without saying but it needs to be said, do not send SPAM. Put together a list of contacts who want to receive your email. People who know you are much more likely to be interested and click through than people who have never heard of you. Also, do not email the same message to all contacts in your list. Segment your contact database into groups and send a series of emails specifically addressing each groups specific needs.
  • Use the recipient’s name: You don’t want to look like a form letter or mass email, even if you're sending an automated message. Use the name in the salutation and/or the subject line of your email marketing message.
  • Be true to your title: You risk severely disappointing your hurried reader if what you promise isn't forthcoming within the email. You could get an unsubscribe or worse, they may hit "spam." The call to action and the link’s destination/landing page must be specifically in line with the subject, as well.
  • Think small: After all, that’s how many people are viewing your email—on a small smartphone screen while on the go. So keep your email short and don’t go wild with images. Although you’re not absolutely limited to 140 characters like Twitter, do get to the point quickly. If you must go long, place your first CTA near the beginning. Get to your value proposition for the reader almost immediately. With a simple, to-the-point message, it’s easier to keep the prospect’s attention and quickly move them along to conversion.
  • Add a personal touch with images or video: Rather than sending a lackluster email, engage audiences with visual content such as a relevant images or video.  An image or video can add a little humor by making fun of a situation, relate to audiences, and perhaps make the receiver laugh.  The idea is to get people to visit your website, contact you, or set-up a meeting.
  • Include one, specific CTA: You may repeat the call to action at a couple of points within the message, but remember to explicitly tell the reader what you want them to do next. If possible, work in why they should! If you must use a secondary CTA, make sure the preferred link is the one that’s repeated and greatly emphasized.

How are you creating email message that your audiences love?  Do you have any methods for increasing your click-through rates?  Please share your stories in our comments section.

For more email marketing tips that get results, contact Colosi Marketing.

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