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Why Tracking Social Media Marketing Matters to Your Overall Campaign

If you’re spending valuable time on social media to promote your business, you’ll find it much more rewarding if you track your progress. There’s no need to practice social media marketing in the dark, especially when so much information is at your fingertips. Each social media network offers information to inform your business strategy. Check these individual analytics and track the effects of social media on your website with Google Analytics. If you’re just not a numbers person—and would instead go to the dentist than look at tracking information, use the following as an incentive. Tracking social media activity will help you to learn:

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Key communication details: Uncover the best time (or day of the week) to post a Facebook update or send a Tweet. Find out how often you must post to connect with your audience. This information will help you increase the effectiveness of all your future social media campaigns.

Which networks really work: When you check your engagement metrics, you can see what works for you--and what isn’t. Learn which social media networks typically generate the most interest and activity on your behalf. When time is short, you can concentrate there. Other social networks and tactics might yield a poor return for your time spent. Perhaps your audience is not there. On the other hand, you may just need to refine your tactics to make it work. You’ll never know if you don’t track.

What type of content activates your fans and followers: Learn which content sparks the most shares or re-tweets, new email list subscriptions, and new business. Tracking tells you what your audience likes. Does your audience respond well to sweepstakes, polls, or quizzes?

How to move forward: Goal-setting is essential to keep your business growing. Without specific goals, your business may just be treading water. Social media tracking will help you set future goals, celebrate milestones and monitor your progress.

To learn more about tracking social media, contact Colosi Marketing.

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