Would Video Marketing Positively Impact Your Professional Services Firm's Reach?

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Video is a powerful medium that's not just for cute kitten videos. Video marketing for professional services firms earns click-throughs, while the still photo makes a nice image for those who can’t take time to watch. Clients often research professional services firms in depth before engaging services and your firm realizes many benefits, even if the audience never watches the video to completion. 

Video can be distributed far and wide

Almost all social networks can help spread your videos. You can share super-short clips on Vine and Instagram. Your posting and sharing provides back-links for better search engine ranking. Make sure you use all opportunities to link and tag with relevant keywords. Your video content helps deepen your relationship with your audience, adding the human element. Video can also entertain, inform and lend authenticity to your company, which can be especially helpful if prospects haven’t met you in person. 

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Video Content Inspiration

  • Demos - Vividly illustrate and personify your firm’s services. Even in writing, it's sage advice to show rather than tell. Here's your real opportunity.
  • How to videos - Problem solving content enhances your expertise!
  • Testimonials - Tap your most fervent evangelists to extol your virtues, illustrating how you’ve solved their problems and made life better. Storytelling is absorbing--prospects can see themselves in your real-people (or similar-company) clients.
  • Behind the scenes - Grant VIP access to bring you closer to potential and current clients. Introduce staff and help give your firm a true personality. 
  • Tell your story - Give voice to your company-founding story, mission and/or what inspired you to enter the industry, perhaps in short vignettes.
  • Conduct a tour - Video marketing for professional services firms works well when you show off work site(s).

Production tips

  • Keep clips simple, short and un-scripted, especially at first. You can prepare notes but don’t read them on camera.
  • Cover only a couple of main ideas or bullet points per video. Think bite sized information-sharing and save the rest for the next clip.
  • Be human, informal and conversational.
  • Include a CTA. Ask for comments and shares to encourage interaction.

Begin Digital Storytelling With a Helpful Tool!

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