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7 Pointers for Embracing Engagement Marketing to Attract Clients

Engagement marketing is different from direct response marketing in that it’s about creating relationships with future professional services clients. Inbound marketing enables your audience to interact with your firm in their preferred manner. It also expands your avenues to communicate versions of your marketing messages. 

Astute engagement marketing can demonstrate your expertise and develop relationships with valuable and entertaining content, an approachable manner, and meaningful interaction. At the same time, you can provide content to support purchase decisions and gain evangelists along the way. 

Try these pointers for setting up and using engagement marketing to attract new prospects to your firm:

engagement marketing

  1. Strategize - Make a plan for engagement marketing, including tactics for outreach to your audience, response mechanisms, and interaction methods

  2. Coordinate - Tie engagement and interaction tactics into your overall marketing strategy. Include CTAs requesting comments on your blog or forum posts, asking for reviews, and linking to your preferred review websites or your feedback or testimonial-gathering form.

  3. Gather subscribers - Use occasionally targeted campaigns specifically to grow your email list. You can also encourage email list signups continually with links or sharing buttons on all your communications.

  4. Publish - Fresh, relevant, and valuable (SEO-optimized) website content will attract and help build relationships with your audience. Ensure you have content that fits prospect interest levels, from new visitors to repeat clients. Create a variety of content formats and post widely on relevant channels.

  5. Use social networking - Use social media daily as an engine for engagement and sharing of your content on relevant social media sites. Consider new social media sites as they gain traction, adding them to your marketing mix.

  6. Take a poll - Use surveys and opinion polls to spur engagement, learn from and about your audience and start relevant conversations.

  7. Invite guests - Ask guest bloggers to post on your blog to provide unique perspectives, add resources for your community, and lend additional credibility to your blog. Choose well-respected or known industry experts, owners of related businesses, etc., and get access to their audience by returning the favor.

For more information about engagement marketing, contact Colosi Marketing.

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