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6 Key Deliverables That Can Lead to Content Marketing Success

To grow your business without becoming mired in a time sink, a clear strategy must guide your content marketing effort. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily rush to create new content and maintain a presence on all social media. Instead, be purposeful. Think focused rather than frantic. Ensure each content is effective, leading to your conversion goals rather than going for quantity and achieving little. Feed your prospects the right, high-quality content at critical points in the sales cycle, and you can lead them through to the services agreement. Create content answering objections that each client persona typically has at specific decision points in the sales-nurturing process. Your content should:

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  • Resonate: Demonstrate understanding of your prospect’s concerns and what matters to them. Speak their language and create a fellow feeling.
  • Convert: Set a clear path to goal for the reader-viewer of your content from where they are now to the next level of involvement with your brand. Include strong, specific, and motivational CTAs.
  • Represent: Be true to brand vision by creating authentic content that reflects your company image.
  • Shine: Stand out by achieving a good natural search position. Practice on-target SEO and potential clients easily find you.
  • Explore: You’ll be shared everywhere if you enhance the “virality” of each piece of content. Make sure it:
    • Inspires provokes, or just plain asks for a response. Get a rise out of your reader or viewer. Entertain and be shared.
    • Helps. Truly useful solution-oriented content gets shared.
    • It almost shares itself. Include sharing buttons.
    • Gets noticed. Promote influential or popular followers and industry mavens.
  • Segment: Organize your site so that your purpose-built content immediately pulls in the visitor; content that speaks to their current and immediate need(s). Surface content that fits who they are, the business they’re in, and the problem they have. For instance, a design firm might try segmenting the home page into a few buttons/categories: I need to 1) redesign-redecorate my home, 2) revamp my office space 3) re-brand my retail location.

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