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Tips To Increase Word Of Mouth Traffic And Turn It Into Sales

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Nov 05, 2015 @ 02:00 PM

Referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations can bring your business some of the hottest leads you receive since people tend to trust their peers and friends. Some of that trust is passed on to your business or brand when you receive a client referral, so you have a head start getting sales based on these leads. Reviews and testimonials are powerful, but you can’t beat direct referrals for qualified leads.

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3 Ways You May Be Minimizing Your Company's Social Media Reach

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Mar 26, 2015 @ 01:30 PM

A successful social media campaign reaches as deeply as possible into the potential pool of leads and clients who may be interested in your products and services. There is another critical group. However, that should also be considered when crafting your social media activities: the thought leaders, influencers, and other prominent players who could be instrumental collaborators in getting the word out about your company and its offerings.

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Starting an Inbound Marketing Campaign: 4 Essential Questions

Posted by Chris Reyes on Thu, Feb 19, 2015 @ 04:30 PM

Today, traditional marketing methods such as telemarketing and print ads are rapidly becoming antiquated; clinical is the word that describes these methods effectively. It’s a fact; there’s no going back. Today’s marketing environment is dynamic, and those who aim to have an engaging exchange and positive reception decide to shift to inbound marketing. 

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Get Into the Spirit of Curated Content

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Oct 30, 2014 @ 07:00 PM

Coming up with new content to post is the number one challenge for content marketers today. However, have you heard the expressions "mind the store" and "use what you’ve got?" Developing fresh content in your traditional and online content marketing strategy is important, but so is freshening up valuable, existing, evergreen content.

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Linking Social Media and Email Marketing With Your CRM Tool

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Sep 04, 2014 @ 03:00 PM

To generate, manage and convert leads, you must triangulate your client relationship management (CRM) tool, social media, and email marketing. Here’s how to complete each leg of the triangle.

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Maximize Lead Generation on Facebook With These Tips

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, May 22, 2014 @ 02:00 PM

According to Hubspot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, 52 percent of all U.S. marketers identified Facebook as a lead source in 2013. If your firm falls in the 48 percent that has yet to explore lead generation on Facebook, it’s time for that to change. Even if you’re among the 52 percent who generated leads from Facebook in 2013, you can always get more. 

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6 Tips to Incorporate Social Media into Your Firm’s Email Marketing

Posted by Joelle Colosi on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

It's always a good idea to integrate your marketing efforts, presenting a unified presence to your clients and prospects. When interacting with your audience via social media and email marketing, take the opportunity to refer to your other channels, establishing as many forms of contact with your audience as possible. You'll then have a variety of ways to keep in touch and disseminate your messages. In addition, clients are likely to find available their preferred method of interacting with your brand. This increases the likelihood that they'll welcome your updates and keep in touch, one way or another. 

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